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Your NASPO membership comes with access to TWO Market Research analysis subscriptions, both meant to further aid procurement professionals in their day-to-day operations.

GovWin IQ can aid NASPO membership in leveraging best practice of solicitations and terms/conditions used by other government organizations in contracting. The tool also aids in researching companies to find and qualify bidders and examine their track record in contracting at the federal and State, Local & Education (SLED) level.

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 ProcurementIQ (formally known as IBIS World) provides market intelligence resources to aid in all your sourcing events. This resource helps to collectively identify opportunities for cost savings/ avoidance whilst having the confidence that all the data is credible. The 1000+ reports cover: Price benchmarks; Market trends; Vendor statistics; Forecasting; Negotiation questions; Buying decision scorecard; and more.

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NASPO provided subscription are only available to authorized users as referenced in the subscription, i.e., state government members that are included in the NASPO membership database.